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Council 2019 – 2022 Platforms – Port Hope Citizens' Association

The Voice for the Urban & Rural Wards of Port Hope

Council 2019 – 2022 Platforms

November 18, 2018

MPH Councillors 2019-2022

Priorities/Promises/”Strive For” Statements

PHCA and its predecessor conducted 3 surveys in October 2017, January 2018 and February 2018.

Based on these responses and comments we chose the ones that were mentioned most often and distilled them into the PHCA 2018 Election Platform.

We asked each candidate for Council whether they intended to adopt these priorities and take action to implement the priorities over the 2019-22 Council term. Each candidate responded – some chose to include the priorities, some did not.

Following are the campaign statements made by the successful candidates.

Over the term of this new Council, we will periodically provide an update about whether the statements made by individual Councillors and the Mayor are acted upon and also provide an update on the PHCA 2018 Election Platform.

Mayor Bob Sanderson

  1. Increased expenditure on rural road maintenance and repair
  2. Review and update the medium and long-term Strategic Plan for the waterfront and other municipally owned lands south of Town Hall
  3. Continue working with EORN and provincial and federal departments to improve and expand our rural access to high-speed Internet.

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Councillor Vicki Mink

  1. Implement reliable internet and cellular services.
  2. Maintain safe and dependable rural roads – road maintenance, snow clearing, adequate signage, vegetation control
  3. Accurate, detailed and meaningful information (to citizens/community)

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Councillor John Bickle

  1. Revamp the way the budget is done
  2. More industry in MPH
  3. Winter road maintenance to revert to the previous standard

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Councillor Les Andrews

  1. A 10-year action plan to manage residential, commercial and industrial growth
  2. Work together to determine what the waterfront and Centre Pier properties should be
  3. Adjust future housing density to support affordable housing

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Councillor Laurie Carr

  1. Position MPH as a leader in sustainability, balance growth and inclusion
  2. Involve residents, staff, special interest groups to make long-term strategic decisions
  3. Set the plan to implement and get it done.

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Councillor Jeff Lees

  1. Entice new industry to MPH
  2. Keep taxes to a minimum
  3. Reinstall the CAO position

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Councillor Wendy Meadows

  1. Open communication
  2. Public engagement
  3. Clear timelines for action

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Port Hope Citizens’ Association
2018 Election Platform

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1.     Revise the Budget process

2.    Manage reserves in accordance with the Ontario Municipal Act

3.    Justify realistic tax increases

4.    Distribute regular, accurate feedback to the community

5.    Provide information that is easily accessible and comprehensible

6.    Ensure consistency of financial data

7.    Address road maintenance and snow removal problems

8.    Improve garbage collection and resolve recycling/waste reduction concerns

9.    Provide detailed performance measures for every service

10.  Assist existing businesses

11.  Invigorate downtown core

12.  Attract new businesses



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