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PHCA Strategic Plan – Port Hope Citizens' Association

The Voice for the Urban & Rural Wards of Port Hope

PHCA Strategic Plan



Shared values, Shared concerns, Real solutions


To promote the best interests of the citizens of both the Rural Ward and the Urban Ward of the Municipality of Port Hope.


  1. Grow our membership and maintain strong communication channels on a regular basis.
  2. Monitor the Municipal Council to ensure they deliver what Councillors’ have promised and that they demonstrate strong Governance, Compliance and Fiscal Responsibility.
  3. Develop a pre-election platform and endorse candidates who are willing and able to support the Community priorities.

Goals for each priority:

1A)         Set specific membership targets quarterly, track results and record actual numbers.

1B)         Establish and maintain a strong set of communication channels including:

  1. *Conduct regular surveys to our membership*
  2. Monthly newsletter to all members
  3. Facebook page updated weekly
  4. Website updated with key community news and events
  5. Facebook followers, specific ads for PHCA
  6. Hold an AGM (June)
  7. Plan and manage public meetings as required.

2A)         Review and report on “Planned versus Actual” performance

  1. By each member of Council
  2. By Budget versus Actual expenditures
  3. By Strategic Plan components

2B)         Identify circumstances where there are discrepancies between the MPH policies and practices and the Provincial guidelines and standards.

3A)         Use survey results and input from our members to create an “Election Platform” prior to each Municipal election.

3B)         Interview possible candidates for Council and endorse those who support the platform and agree that we will monitor their performance against their agreed position.

Action items

This section is being developed.

Our main focus is to grow our membership and once we have more people to call on we can assign Action items successfully.

Currently the Management Committee is undertaking the tasks at hand.

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