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August 2019 Survey Results re Councillors 2018 Election Platforms – Port Hope Citizens' Association

The Voice for the Urban & Rural Wards of Port Hope

August 2019 Survey Results re Councillors 2018 Election Platforms

August 24, 2019

An important part of our mandate is to report on the status of each Councillors pre-election platform as published by them in 2018.

As reported earlier we asked each Councillor to give us an update on where they stood with reference to their platform. Only 1 Councillor, Les Andrews, gave us an update. All the other Councillors declined, including the Mayor.

We were curious how the citizens of Port Hope regarded this lack of information and prepared a survey to find out their views. The survey was sent out to 350 households (approximately 700 people) and 41 (82 people) completed the surveys.

We encourage you to read the full survey report including the comments. Click this link: Survey Results redacted final  (The comments included a few personal remarks which we have redacted.)

We have not offered any analysis since the results are self-apparent, including the opinion from 100% of the respondents that the citizens have a right to know where Councillors stand on the fulfillment of their Platform statements.

However, we will direct you to the results for 2nd last question asking whether participants agreed with the Mayor’s statement that he was “personally gratified to hear that councilors have not responded”.

Nearly 90% of the respondents disagreed with the statement.

Last modified: August 24, 2019

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