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The MPH 2019 Budgeted Tax Levy – An Increase of ? – Port Hope Citizens' Association

The Voice for the Urban & Rural Wards of Port Hope

The MPH 2019 Budgeted Tax Levy – An Increase of ?

February 6, 2019

PHCA would like to report to its members what the impact will be of the 2019 Approved Budget by the MPH Council.

BUT, which figures to choose?

There are any number of choices to be made – total expenditures, approved budget, before or after “growth”, tax levy, Urban Ward or Rural Ward, etc. Mayor Sanderson has stated that the “the proposed budget is a 1.9% levy requirement increase after growth”.

The only reliable published figure we have is the total amount that the MPH will tax the property owners (the tax levy). The 2019 budget has the following amounts that will be raised by taxes:

  • Urban Ward – $15,454, 197, an increase of 1.1% over 2018
  • Rural Ward – $3,829,514, an increase of 7.6% over 2018.
  • Total MPH – $19,283,711, an increase of 2.3% over 2018.

It is an impossible task to determine exactly what the tax increases will be for each individual property owner since we all have different tax valuations on our properties. In addition, the valuation of our individual properties could have changed during the year because of building additions and MPAC assessments.

It should be noted that the $19,283,711 to be raised from the property owners is not the total amount which the MPH will spend in 2019. The total 2019 MPH expenses are first calculated ($30,000,000+) and then other sources of revenue such as Ontario and Federal government grants, user fees, developer fees, rents, etc. are deducted. The $19,283,711 is the amount which the MPH is short and which property owners must pay through their property taxes.

We cannot find where the MPH has published the total amount that will be spent in 2019 compared to 2018.

For comparison purposes the annual % increases in the amount raised by taxes (tax levy) from the 2 Wards are:

Year Urban Rural
2019 1.1% 7.6%
2018 1.4% 17.6%
2017 6.0% 9.6%

(Source: MPH Finance Department Approved Budget)

Last modified: February 6, 2019

One Response to " The MPH 2019 Budgeted Tax Levy – An Increase of ? "

  1. Irene Gauthier says:

    My husband and I were discussing the differences between the Urban increase and the Rural increase and we would like to know if this is even legal? One big happy family WHAT a joke!

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